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Lake Level Report

US Army Corps of Engineers — Value to the Nation

Natural and recreational resources at Corps lake(s) provide social, economic and environmental benefits for all Americans. Following are facts related to the Corps role managing natural and recreational resources in JOHN MARTIN RESERVOIR.



State: Colorado

Congressional District(s): CO04

Watershed: Upper Arkansas

USACE District: Albuquerque District

USACE Division: South Pacific


Facilities in FY 2016

  • 6 recreation areas 
  • 19 picnic sites 
  • 524 camping sites 
  • 5 playgrounds 
  • 2 swimming areas 
  • 4 number of trails 
  • 18 trail miles 
  • 0 fishing docks 
  • 2 boat ramps 
  • 0 marina slips 

Public Outreach in FY 2016

  • 2,739 public outreach contacts

Visits (person-trips) in FY 2016

  • 149,158 in total
  • 37,943 picnickers
  • 13,531 campers 
  • 28,796 swimmers 
  • 4,929 water skiers 
  • 0 boaters 
  • 70,549 sightseers 
  • 40,146 anglers 
  • 285 hunters 
  • 23,609 others

Benefits in Perspective

By providing opportunities for active recreation, Corps lakes help combat one of the most significant of the nation's health problems: lack of physical activity.

Recreational programs and activities at Corps lakes also help strengthen family ties and friendships; provide opportunities for children to develop personal skills, social values, and self-esteem; and increase water safety.


Economic Data in FY 2016

Visitation per year resulted in:

  • $6,639,585 in visitor spending within 30 miles of the Corps lake.
  • $3,038,838 in sales within 30 miles of the Corps lake.
  • 50 jobs within 30 miles of the Corps lake.
  • $965,363 in labor income within 30 miles of the Corps lake.
  • $1,407,556 in value added within 30 miles of the Corps lake.
  • $1,508,530 in National Economic Development Benefits.

With multiplier effects, visitor trip spending resulted in:

  • $4,112,508 in total sales.
  • 59 jobs.
  • $1,205,435 in labor income.
  • $1,888,536 in value added (wages & salaries, payroll benefits, profits, rents, and indirect business taxes).

Benefits in Perspective

The money spent by visitors to Corps lakes on trip expenses adds to the local and national economies by supporting jobs and generating income. Visitor spending represents a sizable component of the economy in many communities around Corps lakes.

How these numbers were calculated.


Resources in FY 2016

  • 8,929 land acres
  • 11,836 water acres
  • 22 shoreline miles

Benefits in Perspective

Recreation experiences increase motivation to learn more about the environment; understanding and awareness of environmental issues; and sensitivity to the environment.

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