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Corps Lakes at Play

EVERY YEAR…there are about 250 million visits to the 402 Corps of Engineers lakes, where visitors exercise, spend time with their families or just enjoy a lazy afternoon. Most of them will have driven an hour or less from a major city to reach their favorite Corps lake. The fortunate Americans who experience a Corps lake benefit from the fresh air and exercise and these hours of recreation are often a highlight of their week. The Corps is continually working to maintain and improve the parks surrounding these lakes including adding new recreational features, usually in partnership with local governments or private recreation organizations. Visit Corps Lakes Gateway and start planning your trip to a Corps lake today!

Corps Lakes at Work

EVERY DAY…Almost 116,000 Americans work at jobs supporting visitors to Corps lakes, at restaurants, hotels, marinas and other businesses related to tourism. These jobs play an important role in the local economy and generate annual visitor spending of about $11 billion. Corps lakes attract residents and businesses to the area resulting in investments to take advantage of the sporting and tourism opportunities the lake offers. Corps lakes are powerful generators of economic development, often located in areas that are in need of steady jobs.


Corps Lakes and the Environment

EVERY DAY…The Corps of Engineers protects and manages 13 million acres of natural environment in and around its lakes. Corps managers and rangers conduct many projects that protect and reestablish healthy ecosystems like plant new stands of the near-extinct Eastern chestnut trees, establish fish hatcheries and control the threats posed by invasive species.

Corps Lakes in Partnership

The Corps partners with a wide range of organizations to undertake environmental projects at the lakes, develop recreational activities and educate visitors. The Corps also enlists thousands of individual volunteers annually to assist with its training and education activities.

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Whitewater Enthusiasts Benefit from Corps Inspections

Every tenth year hydrologists take the water of Summersville Lake in West Virginia down an additional 55 feet to conduct inspections of the lake’s intake infrastructure. This year whitewater outfitters and associations were invited to provide input on how to maximize this powerful resource and make the whitewater season as exciting as possible for kayak and raft enthusiasts. More...

From Sparsely Populated to 3 Million Visitors per Year

Rend Lake in southern Illinois is an excellent example of the economic impact of a Corps lake. Now, this bustling area draws over 3 million visitors per year to the 18,000 acre lake and its many beaches, picnic and camping areas. More...

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